Pearland, TX Plumbing Contractor

Pearland, Texas, plumbing problems are almost always an emergency. Air conditioning and heating systems can be maintained to reduce future problems, but plumbing failures seem to occur without warning. Bay Area AC, Heating and Plumbing at (832) 623-8889 has seen it all, and we are here to help. You are our neighbor and we want to get your life back to normal quickly.

We are trained and have the experience to fix it

Our staff is licensed, bonded and insured, having passed rigorous State of Texas licensing examinations. Although you might be tempted to handle your plumbing issue yourself, consider calling us first. We know how to deal with it. Problems that appear simple often escalate to a problem beyond your experience.

You can minimize future problems

There are a few things you can do to minimize future plumbing issues. Use chemical drain cleaners sparingly. These usually end up doing more harm than good over the long haul. They can erode older drain pipes. They frequently do not remove the clog completely, so the problem is not actually fixed.
Don’t put anything down your drain that isn’t a liquid. Solid particles, including hair, will build up over time. Install screens over drains in showers and tubs. Remove what these screens capture and discard it in your trash. Grease is also a problem. It is liquid only when it is hot, and will build up to be a real problem plug.
Fix problems as soon as you notice them. Allowing a problem to persist can increase the repair cost and time. Address it early and save yourself a lot of aggravation and extra cost.

Problems you might have

If you have brown water coming from a faucet, we can help. If your toilet has a bad valve and it fills too slowly or too fast we can help. We can help with low water pressure, checking for problems if your water bill has suddenly increased, a do-it-yourself project has gone terribly wrong, strange noises when you run water (squealing or thumping), anything you see that is not normal. Call us for these Pearland plumbing problems.

Call Bay Area AC, Heating and Plumbing for these system problems:

  • Water Heaters (Including tankless water heaters)
  • Faucets
  • Water & Sewer Line Repair and Replacement
  • Whole House Re-pipes
  • Backflow prevention
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Gas Line Repair and Gas Tests
  • Water Fountain Install & Repair
  • Toilet Repair & Installs
  • Floor Drains
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Whole House Home Plumb Inspections