League City AC Emergency Repair

League City Residents can call Bay Area AC, Heating and Plumbing LLC at (832) 623-8889 24 hours a day. Many air conditioning problems can wait until normal business hours to be handled.

If you have an emergency…

But sometimes you have an actual AC emergency. Someone in your house might be endangered if the air conditioning cannot be restored quickly. Call us at (832) 623-8889 when that happens. We will get to you quickly and make the necessary repairs.

We treat you like a neighbor, because you are

We work to earn our League City, Texas customers’ trust every time we take a job. You will know the cost before we do any work. And all our work is guaranteed. You are our neighbor, and we strive to build and keep that relationship.

Your emergency might be…

Things you might notice: unusual odors coming from your system, abnormal sounds as the system cycles on or off, the health of family members is dependent on the system working properly, your customers are too uncomfortable to come into or stay in your business, refrigerant or compressor replacement.

For your service and benefit:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Licensed, bonded and insured
  • Trained professional technicians

Symptoms can include:

  • No cold air coming from the system
  • Coolant leak and replacement
  • Odd odor coming from your system
  • Unusual noise coming from your air handler